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Did You Know?

Karen is the Founder of all THREE publishing companies listed below

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Karen Mc Dermott began her writing journey at in 2010. Filled to the brim with creativness after having her 4th child she began writing short pieces of interest, this soon grew into featured articles and then her first novel The Visitor was born through the belief and support she received from

She went on to write

The Wish Giver in 2012 whilst also writing articles and founding Serenity Press. 
Karen knows that it is because she was given the opportunity to discover her natural writing ability through the freedom of exploration that she has successfully incorporated writing into her life. Now a mother of 6 and is currently writing her 4th novel in the series 'The Shadow Keeper'.



It takes a special kind of imagination to come up with a story line such as this one. It is quite evident that she has spent much time developing her characters, adding enough detail to bring them to life and follow through to have an ending that does not disappoint. You will want this book with you in your bag so that you can read it at every chance you get until you reach the end! -Review of The Wish Giver.

From the very first page, Beached had me hooked. Not only that, but it did one thing that no other book has been able to do and that is to make me homesick for Australia. Karen Weaver’s ability to weave words with such artistic prowess is endless.- Review of Beached.

The plot twists and the enticement of what the next page may unfold will leave the reader with chores still to be done and dinner uncooked. It is that impossible to put the book down! I loved the uniqueness of the plot; I have never read a story like this before. The author is very skilled at pulling the reader in and does not disappoint. - Review of The Visitor.

McDermott’s writing style is smooth and conversational, making it feel as though she’s the reader’s own personal coach, and her assignments work quite well in helping the reader feel ownership of the material covered. I’m still amazed that the mother of six could have written over twenty books, founded a publishing company and done as much as she has. Her system is obviously working. Mindful Magic is most highly recommended. - Review of Mindful Magic.

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